Tuesday, April 20, 2010

We have lift-off but I'm stranded.

No, before anybody gets their hopes up, I'm not talking about the ash cloud. I just couldn't resist the bad joke. I'm not being mean, I am myself affected by Mother Nature reminding us that we are nothing compared to her. My cousin was meant to come and visit for a week on wednesday and as things stand, it doesn't look like it's going to happen. I'm glad we didn't tell Marie and had planned it to be a surprise for her as she would have been very disapointed.

What I mean is that Noelie has finally found a way of moving around. A rather unusual way, but it seems to work nonetheless. After a few weeks of endless frustration, she is finally able to get herself from point A to point B (but not too far). Has she started to walk I hear you say? No. Is she bumming her way around the place? Nope. Crawling then? Wrong again. She is not walking yet, despite really really wanting to. She doesn't bum around, she doesn't crawl. She has mastered a quite surprising technique that I had never seen before. She spins her way around on her belly, pausing sometimes to lick the floor before resuming her travels. Not quite the fastest way from A to B, not quite the direct way from A to B but it works for her. It does help to ease her frustration a bit. And mine. She has been coming up in leaps and bounds in the past week, with 2 more teeth making their appearance, pretending to be on the phone and adding a new word to her vocabulary. Who would have thought that one of her first words would be 'poo' in french?

On another topic, in solidarity with the thousands of travellers stranded everywhere around the world, I have decided (unconsciously) to strand myself in town this morning. After dropping Marie off to school, Mr Foodie and myself (and the baby of course) made our way into town. Mr Foodie had some very important union related business to attend to and we had decided that I would spend some time in town until he was finished. In the car, I asked Mr Foodie for the Starbucks card, so I could go and get myself a lovely cup of coffee and abandon myself to one of my favourite activities, people watching. After dropping him off ( I think I'm going to open a taxi service, what do you think?), I drove to a car park, took the ticket, went up and up and up and up looking for a space. I finally found one and parked. I took the buggy out etc. And went to put the ticket in my wallet. Only I couldn't find my wallet. I had forgotten it at home. I frantically sent a text to Mr Foodie, hoping that SuperFoodie would be able to help me somehow. No luck, his phone was already off. I didn't have a penny on me, no debit or credit card, and no Starbucks card either as he hadn't given it to me earlier. Nothing at all, not even to pay for the car park, let alone go for a coffee somewhere. So I walked around town for about an hour. I nearly laughed when a homeless man asked me for spare change because at that precise moment, he probably had more in his cup than I had on me. I sent a text to friend of mine who works in town, maybe she could lend me some money. It was her day off. So here I was, stranded in town. I took the opportunity to walk around Brown Thomas, knowing that since I didn't have a bit of plastic or cash on me, I wouldn't spend anything (on a normal day, I just avoid the place altogether, it depresses me to see all those lovely things that I can't afford). I went into some other shops, found lots of lovely things that I couldn't buy of course, even if I could afford it. Eventually, I had a brain wave. My passport was in my bag! I don't usually carry my passport around with me but having needed it sometime last week, it was still there. So I took myself off to the bank and withdrew some money. I could at least have that cup of coffee I had been dreaming of since the morning. The ultimate irony: at the exact moment I stepped out of the bank, my phone rang. Mr Foodie was finished and on his way to meet me. So the lovely epicurean morning I had dreamt off was never to be. Ah well, maybe next time?

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