Friday, April 23, 2010

Thank You!

Every Friday, the great Chic Mama counts her blessings with a Friday Gratitude post. This is a wonderful idea which she has taken to a whole new level with creating the 'Gratitude Award'. I believe it does help to put things in perspective and helps you look at the positive happening in our lives, and even for just a moment, forget about all the negative that might occupy our minds. So, in order to accept this beautiful award, I believe we have to list things that we are grateful for this week.
I'm grateful for:

- The past week. I'm grateful for the whole lot of last week. The weather has been great. Mr Foodie was off work for a couple of days and we really made the most of it. We went into town 3 times this week (bear in mind we never really go into town, the only times are usually court appearances so not really good times). I am on top of the washing, the house doesn't look like a bomb hit it and I have had time to cook and try my hand at new things (like this!). So all in all a wonderful week.

- Noelie. She has been great. She is half crawling now (she only uses one leg to push herself around). She has loved being wheeled around town and smiling away at whoever was pushing her. Her fits of laughter when her sister plays with her have just made my days. She is trying to communicate a lot more with us and has full blown unintelligible conversations with us.

- Marie. Like her sister, she has been very good this week. She has just finished her 4th Harry Potter book and I'm really proud of her (it is a huge book and she only turned 7 two months ago.) We baked bread together. She has been very helpful around the house and with her sister. We went to the zoo today and she had a great time. I only wish her two front teeth which she lost two months ago would start growing!

- Mr Foodie. If you read this blog regularly, you know that I am forever grateful to Mr Foodie. What he has done for me and Marie took a lot of courage and determination. I am also grateful for the good times we have shared this week. Not being in work, he was able to help around with the girls and the house which was a welcome relief for me.

- The wonderful hands of Noelie's godmother. For Christmas, Mr Foodie got me a full hour for a reflexology treatment with Noelie's godmother. Me being me, I kept putting it back and back. Until yesterday, when he pushed me to book it for today. She has recently opened her own reflexology business in town (if you want the details, just drop me an email here). So I went in today, and it was the most deeply relaxing experience, I have had in a while. At times, her hands felt like feathers. Something to be repeated!

- The weather. I don't know who I am supposed to thank for that one. But whoever it is, please keep it going. I have loved opening my wardrobe and smelling the wonderful smell that comes with outdoors dried clothes. I have loved just sitting out on a blanket outside with Marie and Noelie, trying to prevent her from eating the grass.

I will now tag other great bloggers and ask them what are you grateful for?
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What are you grateful for?

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