Monday, January 25, 2010

Seven things you never knew about me...

A meme is going around called 'My seven'. I haven't been tagged for it and I don't know if you're 'allowed' to do so but I decided to participate. I apologize if this is not the proper etiquette but it just appealed to me. But now that I am sitting down to write it, well, I have to say that I am struggling a bit.. Emmmm, let's think

1) I'm fluent in Spanish. I studied Spanish in school and college. One day, my parents and myself tried to figure out why I have such an ear for languages and we realized that when I was young, my great grand mother used to speak only german to me (she was german and, in hindsight, probably suffering from Alzheimer's or such). Now, I do not have a word of German, but she probably instilled that love of languages in me and gave me such an 'ear' that now people here don't believe me when I say I'm french.

2) I wear a size 3 shoes. I am small and my feet and hands are tiny. It's quite a struggle to find nice shoes to fit me. I'm not a big fan of the glittery runners and other types of shoes you can find in the kiddies sections. And the search for an engagement ring was quite funny, the look on the jeweller's face when I put my hand out was priceless.

3) When I was 16, I was an extra in a film called 'Ma saison preferee'. I had the pleasure of meeting Catherine Deneuve, Daniel Auteuil, Philippe Noiret and Andre Techine, four legends of french cinema. The scene was cut in the end but I still have the payslip to prove it.

4) I am allergic to soap. From a very young age, I have had to use various potions and lotions. My dear grandmother took me on holidays once, when I was about 5, and refused to listen to my mum's advice when it came to washing my face. So she scrubbed with a big bar of soap (as hard as only a grandmother knows how to). When my skin was so dry that it started cracking and bleeding, I think she got the point that it might be true and not just some kind of tantrum. It looks like Noelie has inherited my skin condition too. Her skin is extremely dry and nothing short of diping her into the pot of cream all day long seems to relieve her dry skin.

5) I have 2 tattoos. One is a celtic symbol for eternity and the other one a chain of cherry blossoms. Mr Foodie has 4 himself and I decided to offer him another one for his birthday last year. So off we went to the tattoo artist. As there wasn't enough time for him to get the one he picked done, I got one instead. He is still waiting on his birthday present (ooops).

6) I talk in my sleep. To the point where I played Trivial Pursuit with my best friend while asleep, or asked my then boyfriend if he had seen a cow pass by. Apparently, my eyes were open too which makes it even spookier as I have no recollection of saying that whatsoever. I mean what would a cow be doing in my house? Oh and I managed to give out to Mr Foodie while asleep. Noelie has started babbling in her sleep too.

7) I have a phobia of lizards. They're wriggly and slimy and their tail grows back if it's cut off. That is not natural!!! I think I was traumatised by the series 'V' when I was younger. Mr Foodie was delighted that it made a come back last year but I put my foot down, not with me in the same room!!!

So there you are, seven things you didn't know about me. Feel free to gatecrash this meme if you want!

Foodie Mummy


  1. Ah Catherine Deneuve. How amazing! Ha ha I remember V, hideous green people!

  2. Yipee, and we didn't tag because it was so much fun we wanted everyone to do it so left it open for that reason. Its great to see the sevens and get to know people a bit better, and well done you for taking part in the fun:) Did you ever give away any big secret in your sleep talking? I do it to, a LOT, but have managed to not hang myself giving away important info:) Jen.

  3. Size 3 feet? I cannot get beyond that fact! Size 3 feet. Now you're making me feel like a freak for having double that size!
    Size 3 feet!


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