Monday, January 4, 2010

Business as usual

That's it, it's over.. Christmas is finished..And dare I say, I'm glad it is. I am looking forward to things returning to normal.

Today, we took down the tree and decorations. I think you're supposed to wait till the 6th to do so but I just could not wait to take everything down and be able to tidy up properly (and find places for new ornaments and things we received as presents). Christmas was good, food, rest and lovely presents. Marie was spoiled, Noelie too. She is still too young to understand but that being said, she knew, on the day, that something was going on and was very excited with all the bright papers and boxes.

My mum and dad had decided to go away for Christmas this year since the house would have been empty (we visit for Christmas every second year and my only brother moved out during the summer). So we had organized to put the webcam on for them to see the girls opening their presents. We got up before the girls and started up the computer. We sent them a text to let them know we were up and waited for them to log on. Marie got up (at 9h30, thank god for the french tradition of a late dinner on Christmas Eve!), all excited that Santa had arrived. But we told her that she had to wait for a bit until Papi and Mamie came online to see her opening her presents. She was very patient and did not complain at all. We sent a couple more texts. Eventually, we gave up and decided to video it instead. It was a very wise decision. 3 hours later, we finally received a call. They had retreated to a lovely hotel (where they were the only guests) in a lovely little village nested in a lovely valley, which, translated from estate agents lingo (no offence to any estate agent, Diney ;-) ) meant they had no signal on their mobile phones, not to mention anything remotely comparable to an Internet connection.

The rest of the time was spent visiting and receiving visitors, eating and relaxing watching movies and generally having a good time. We spent New Year's Eve at home, just us. We watched the snow fall for a bit. On New Year's day, we were supposed to go and visit family but the state of the roads prevented us from doing so. Instead, we went out to play in the snow but retreated fairly quickly, my complete lack of gloves and Marie's woolen gloves were no match for the bitter cold of the snow. We also played Pictureka that Marie received from Santa and all enjoyed really ourselves.

I really love snow and cold wintery weather. We took a few strolls and missed breaking a few legs as the paths were very very icy (and still are).

Things are nearly all back to normal now. We have a busy week ahead. Marie will be back in school by the end of the week. Noelie needs to repeat her hearing check on Wednesday and get tests done on her kidneys on Friday. She took her first hearing test just before Christmas and 'failed' it or rather, refused to turn around, to her left, as she knew fairly well that that toy the nurse was hiding under her hands had to come out at some point in time (isn't that what we teach them when we play peekaboo???). I was worried at first that there might be something wrong with her left ear and that we hadn't noticed but we conducted our own test and we are satisfied that there is absolutely nothing wrong with her left ear (or her right one for that matter). More a case of stubborness (mmmh wonder who she gets that from!).
She was admitted to hospital in October for a very bad kidney infection and has been on antibiotics since. So on Friday, we need to go back there for more tests to make sure that no lasting damage has been done. My mum and dad are also coming over, on Friday, for a couple of days (please weather fairies, let the airport be ok). My mum being a bit of a cleaning maniac, I need to make sure that the house is spotless (got a head start on the sitting room today, yippeee) but I am now faced with that pile of clean clothes, presents etc.. that has gathered in the spare bedroom. Oh and I need to get food in too...

So, it does look like it's business as usual in the Foodie household. Happy New Year to you all!

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  1. Great update. Much as I love Christmas, I do love taking everything down and getting the house back to normal too!


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