Tuesday, January 5, 2010

High Five or my first ever meme post!

OMG! I only started this blogging thing last month and I have already been tagged for one of these 'meme' thingies (thank you so so much Hot Cross Mum)! OK, the subject is '5 highest points of 2009'.

Now, I am not usually one to dwell in the past. As one of my previous posts entitled 'I don't remember' suggests, my memory is not the greatest. My fiance likes to say that I have a short memory and I have to admit I do. Two pregnancies and a couple of 'anni horribiles' (declared by Queen Me, not the Queen of England) mean that I usually leave the past where it belongs and don't want to look back but rather get on with the Now and the Tomorrow. Useful in some situations (particularly the bad ones), but no so useful in others (particularly this one). A perfect example of how short a memory I've got happened no later than today. I remembered that tomorrow is bin day (if the poor binmen make it on the icy roads and that's a big if.). So bin day means bin tag here. So far so good. The paths being so treacherous, dear fiance suggested he pick up whatever we need in the shop on his way home. So I mentioned the bin tag, this morning... when I thought of it.... This afternoon, he calls me from the shop and asks me what do we need. And as you would have guessed, I forgot about the bin tag.. Sorry Mr Foodie...

So, I have been racking my brains all day (cleaning and tidying around leaves your brain free, unlike your hands) trying to come up with 5 high points to 2009. A couple is easy enough, more and I'm struggling. Not struggling to find some high points, there are a good few, but struggling to find some interesting ones, some significant ones, some that do not sound like I'm committing the ultimate act of plagiarism. Then I realized, the hell with it, it will probably taste like reheated food but they are my high points and as such are unique.

So without further a do, here are MY 5 high points of 2009:

1. The birth of baby number 2, Noelie. Indisputably, the highest point of my year. After Marie being 5 weeks premature, we were the most prepared parents I had ever met. But it's funny how it still all takes you by surprise. She came on the day I started maternity leave and I didn't even know I was in labour when we got to the hospital. A pain free labour, a pain free delivery (she was breached so I had to have a C section) and a beautiful baby at the end of it all. Isn't life just wonderful.

2. Being made redundant. Or rather, being told I was to be made redundant. It is still not yet finalized, and I am officially on annual leave. It should all unravel in the next few weeks. So I will keep you posted. After the initial panic, I realized it was a blessing in disguise so that I could spend more time with my girls.

3. Visiting and visits from my family. I have never had so many visitors as this year. My parents came over for a week after Noelie was born to help me out after the section. We went to visit them for 2 weeks a couple of months later. My brother came to visit for the 2nd time in 11 years (he is a busy busy bee, between work and extra curricular activities, it is hard to find time to travel!). And my cousin also came for a couple of weeks. This year I reconnected with them all and I am so glad.

4. My fiance's new found love for cooking. He cooked his first meal by himself the day I found out I was pregnant. And his skills have improved tremendously during the pregnancy and subsequent months. So thank you Mr Foodie for all your help and efforts on that front!

5. Discovering blogging (and loving it). Once again thanks to Mummy Mania and Hot Cross Mum for being so enthusiastic about it on the show. It was obviously contagious!! I intend to keep up with it and received a beautiful Creative Writing box set from Mr Foodie at Christmas, so who knows, I might have a book in my head too, I just need the tools to let it out!!

So here we are, my 5 high points of last year. Hopefully, I will have loads more high points this year.

I believe you are supposed to pass this on to 5 people, so the nominees are:

- The last of the mojitos
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- Mummy Mania
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So I hope you enjoy the exercise as much as I do.
Foodie Mummy


  1. Thank you Foodie Mummy! And gald you were inspired. Love your highlights - they are all pretty amazing!

  2. Enjoyed reading yours - its cathartic isn't it?! You've had a good year and I hope you continue to enjoy life at home as a SAHM. Make sure you continue to encourage the culinary skills of your man! x


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