Thursday, July 1, 2010

We wish to apologize for this interruption in our normal programming.

That's it. Today is D-Day. It's officially the summer holidays and the day we move into our new house. And in case you don't know it's only 6h45 in the morning. Mr Foodie woke me up this morning because one of the cats got sick and he wanted me to clean it up (he's not very good with sick, smelly bins etc..Bless him). I didn't get up to clean it and I let him do it. But since I was awake, I might as well get up.

There is still a bit to pack. But we are not getting the van until later on this afternoon so I have plenty of time. I will take Noelie to Mr Foodie's parents after she gets up and come back to my dear boxes. Marie decided that she wanted to go there yesterday evening so I wouldn't have to get her ready this morning.

She finished in her old school yesterday, and one of her friends gave her a goodbye present. She also spent the afternoon in Noodleland. And she is delighted that from now on, it will be only one visit every 2 weeks rather than 2 visits a week.

We got the keys last night for our new place and brought a few boxes in already. Mr Foodie and I were just beaming while standing in the middle of our new house. It's finally ours (well, to rent but still ours) and after what seems like an eternity, the time to move in is finally upon us. We are all very excited, slightly exhausted already and once again, it makes me realize how well we work as a team. Although at this stage, we have thought of every possible plan of action (Mr Foodie loves his POAs), and I can't remember which one we agreed upon. So I'll just happily take (kind) orders from Mr Foodie and go with the flow. Is it one trip or two we are doing tonight? I can't remember. Am I supposed to go to the new house with boxes after I drop Noelie off, I'm not sure. But all I need to do is ask Mr Foodie and he'll know. He'll probably remind me of a conversation we had the other night, which I genuinely don't remember because I was too busy reading blogs, while trying to listen to the TV at the same time. But it will all go smoothly enough, I know it.

One of the downsides of moving, is that you have to wait ages before things fall into place. Sky won't come in until the week after next, broadband will take about 6 weeks (the national phone service provider doesn't even offer broadband there!) So we decided to go with the new WiMax thing purely because we love the ad because it seems well worth it. If anybody knows what WiMax really is or does (apart from a hunk with a guitar and a very catchy song), please let me know! In the meantime, we will probably have to get one of those dongles that we will have to share between us. So I hope you'll excuse me if I don't post much over the coming weeks. I will do my best to keep reading your lovely blogs and comment and keep you all updated on how things are going.

In the meantime, I'll just leave you with the hunk and his guitar and catchy song. You will probably end up humming it for the next few weeks, that way I'm making sure you won't forget about me *evil laugh*(you'll want to kill me so bad that you won't forget about me!).

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