Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Before our dongle goes...

Hello again everybody! I am back again for a short while. The dongle thingy has to go back tomorrow so I decided it was time to test it to the maximum and see if its powers were strong enough to last through me writing a whole post. I doubt it. I might just throw away my computer at the cows next door in frustration. You see, it's not the most reliable and it tends to not upload / disconnect / not work at the most inappropriate time. So as I am writing this post, I am already dreading the upload. Will I lose everything or not? I'm taking a big gamble here!

So we are finally settled here albeit without phone or TV yet. But it's starting to look a lot less like indoors camping than it was. It's been a pretty busy time for everybody. We managed to move in everything in 3 trips except the girls. They were staying with Mr Foodie's mum and dad while we were shifting things and until the house was to be considered livable and not a health and safety danger anymore. So they spent 3 nights over there. It was the first time we were leaving Noelie for such a long period of time but she had a great time. We were popping in and out of there anyway since Mr Foodie's mum was our designated tea maker / caterer.

Last week was a very busy one. There were so many things to do. Boxes to empty, wardrobes to build and fill. We finally went to Ikea to buy stuff. We had gone there 3 times without buying anything and that took a superhuman effort on my part. So on the first day of the sales, we went there and bought a big TV unit, a wardrobe and a chest of drawers. It took Mr Foodie about 2 days to put it all together, while I was unpacking and putting things away. I'm glad we waited though since we managed to save more than 400 euros on the stuff we bought. Had it not been on sale, as much as I liked it, I probably would have settled for something cheaper. Mr Foodie's dad had gone away for a few days so Mr Foodie's mum came to stay with us for a couple of days. She provided an invaluable babysitting service for us while we explored the area, taking whatever road we came across to see where it lead us, trying to figure out where the nearest supermarkets, shops, post offices etc were. We had to figure out our surroundings pretty fast since Mr Foodie and one of his brother had decided to throw a 60th surprise birthday party for his mum in her own house and we were in charge of some of the shopping. We had to throw a 'fake' birthday celebration in our house (meaning that the house had to be presentable for people we invited over) while his brother was decorating her house and getting the food ready.

Last Friday we also invited a couple of friends over for dinner. They ended up staying the night. Since Marie was away in NoodleVille (just east of NoodleLand) for her first long week end, we had a very very lazy Saturday (meaning I took a nap while Noelie was having one) and basically not getting out of our pyjamas all day.

So only now are we trying to find a routine for ourselves. Noelie is exhausted. She has so much ground to cover now that she has to take a couple of naps a day to recover. Marie is having a great time. She met the little boy next door today and has been playing in his house for the past couple of hours. I went to try and retrieve her but our new neighbour invited her for lunch. So she is staying there for a bit. She has no idea that my cousin is coming over to stay for a little over a week today so that will be a really nice surprise.

And I'm here typing a post, praying that the dongle won't die on me and enjoying the silence while Noelie takes a nap. I have to stay in today as I am waiting on our bins to be delivered. Tomorrow, it should be Sky and sometime before the end of the week it will be Eircom. So a lot of waiting around but then everything will be sorted and complete. Well apart from the Internet. That will be another 4 weeks or so. I hope you'll all still be here when I come back.

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