Thursday, June 24, 2010

Business and Pleasure.

People often say: ' You can't mix business and pleasure.' (Or variants thereof). My answer to them is: 'Why not?'

What if you discovered a way of doing so? What about mixing blogging (pleasure) and business (making a bit of money for it)? Well, I have just discovered a new platform that allows me to do both. It's called ebuzzing.

Ebuzzing is a platform that has been connecting bloggers and advertisers in France since 2007 and has now launched in the UK . By broadcasting campaign videos on your blog (with dedicated players or banners as pictured below), or simply writing an article on something you genuinely like, you could be earning a bit of money for yourself (I can see a new pair of shoes winking at me!).


All you need to do is register on Once you have registered, you will have access to many advertising campaigns by well known brands (Coca Cola, L'Oreal, Intel only to name a few). There is no pressure to write about something you don't want to write about, you chose the campaigns you want to talk about, you recommend only what you want to recommend. You apply for the campaign, write a post following the brief and submit it. Once your post is approved and up and running for a bit, ding dong, you get paid for it. It's as simple as that! I always thought that to incorporate monetisation into your blog was complicated, how wrong was I? It is so simple and easy with Ebuzzing!

Still not sure? Why don't you take a look at their blog post called 'Why you should join Ebuzzing' and have a peek at some previous campaigns?

They also run a referral program for bloggers in the UK (not sure about Ireland though), in which you can get a bonus if people sign up and write at least one article (details on their website)

Convinced yet?

Well, I was. Why don't you try it?

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