Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Super Foodie's latest battle.

Mr Foodie is a fighter. Not with his fists but with his words. I admire him for it as I am more of a carpet style person myself, anything to keep the peace. I believe that stress shortens your life and there is no need to pick fights left, right and centre. However, he is not like that. We don't fight against each other (well, sometimes, but at least it shows that we each still have our own opinions, doesn't it?). Undercover as Mr Foodie, he is very involved in the union in his job and, coming from France the mother country of all strikes, I really admire that. I like the fact that he is fighting for his and other workers rights and preventing any type of unfair actions taken by the company. Mr Foodie also loves his superheroes (a man never grows up) and for Christmas, the girls got him a great present.
And how fitting is it! The story starts before Christmas, when Mr Foodie and Foodie Mummy bought some baby food in Tesco's. Foodie Mummy was planning for the Christmas period, knowing that she wouldn't have time to make her own purees etc. So a few days after buying the baby food, Mr Foodie and Foodie Mummy fed Noelie one of the four pots of baby food. A few days later, as they were about to feed Noelie the second pot, somebody pointed out that it was out of date. I give it to you in one, not a week, not 3 weeks not a month but 2 months! Yes, 2 months out of date!! Oh no, I can see another battle coming up for Mr Foodie's superhero alter ego: SuperFoodie.
So, SuperFoodie donned his SuperFoodie super suit and, using his SuperFoodie sense of well placed arguments and killer comments, went into SuperFoodie super battle mode.

His first battle plan was to send FoodieGirl along with her carpet cape (that would be me) back to the Evil Food Monster's lair (that would be the offending supermarket to you and me) to scour the shelves in order to find any more Evil Out of Date Food. FoodieGirl couldn't find any but certainly looked a bit daft picking up pots of baby food and putting them back on the shelves, leaving with nothing. But that didn't stop SuperFoodie, oh no! SuperFoodie used his Super phone to call the Evil Baby Food Department in the Evil Food Monster's lair and give them a good telling off. It took SuperFoodie a few try as the enemies in the Evil Baby Food Department are experts at deflecting attacks. They are very often on break or dealing with something else.

SuperFoodie managed to get in touch with an Assistant Chief Deflector (I think it was the element of surprise). He then used his Super sense of argument (and experience in dealing with customers) and very graphic details of FoodieBaby's nappy contents following the absorption of the Evil Baby Food to push his attack forward. The Assistant Chief Deflector, only being an Assistant Chief, deflected SuperFoodie's blows by arguing that she would need to consult with the Evil Baby Food Department Chief Deflector and get her to get back to SuperFoodie at his request.

A few hours later, the Assistant Chief Deflector phone SuperFoodie back to apologize and offer him a 50 euro voucher which sent SuperFoodie into a flying rage. How could the Chief Deflector deflect from talking to him, SuperFoodie. It then became a matter of principles, basic customer service. SuperFoodie would not accept the bribe. He will take it further, higher, all the way across the sea, up to the Headquarters of the Evil Food Monster's lair. SuperFoodie placed a well deserved complaint against the Chief Deflector for her lack of customer sense and attempted bribery.

But SuperFoodie would not stop there, oh no! He then used his Super phone to get in contact with the Food Safety Authority, highlighting his concern that the Evil Food Monster was selling Evil Out of Date Baby Food. He promptly sent the remainder of the Evil Out of Date Baby Food to their high tech, shiny, light filled lab. And patiently waited on the results.

Today, more than 3 weeks later, thanks to the 'Big Freeze', the results came back. A nicely worded letter from SuperFoodie's Food Safety Authority Allies. Nothing was found in the tested Evil Out of Date Food, no green, angry looking, drooling, vomit inducing bacteria, no red, frothing at the mouth, diarrhoea inducing ,germs. Zilch, nothing, nada. It was still quite safe. So FoodieGirl, who received the letter in the Foodie Cave, called SuperFoodie (currently working undercover as Mr Foodie) to let him know. And guess what his answer was? 'I still didn't get a call back from Evil Monster's Headquarters across the sea, I think I'll give them a ring.'

There comes a time when you have to admit defeat and move on, SuperFoodie! We're lucky she didn't get sick.


Foodie Mummy (aka FoodieGirl)


  1. I admire his determination in his efforts lol. Thankgod she didn't get sick from it as said supermarket chain would have had a right battle on their hands from the sounds of things. xx

  2. Hilarious post, but glad to hear baby didn't get sick and that the babyfood was ok in the end. Message to Superfoodie: may the force be with you! Jen.

  3. That's terrible. I'm glad she didn't get ill...but she could have. X

  4. Well, at least he stuck to his principles! Just a shame they didn't apologise with the offer of a year's supply of baby food!

  5. Laughing out loud here. He really is a man on a mission!


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