Saturday, February 27, 2010

Interview with my 7 year old

I decided to jump on the band wagon and thought it would be fun to interview my 7 year old daughter after seeing similar posts around in the blogosphere (sorry for not linking up here but I can't remember who already did it even though I'm sure one of them was this week). We had great fun. She really enjoyed being asked questions and begged for more (hence the quite important number of questions, apologies for the length of it!). I was quite surprised at the thought she put in her answers, trying to come up with the 'right' one.
So I hereby introduce my 7 year old daughter Marie:

1- How old do you have to be to drive a car?
- 17 or 16. Because when you re young you can't drive a car.

2- When somebody babysits, where do you think Mummy and Daddy are?
- Gone to a restaurant.

3- What do you think the Queen of England looks like?
- I think she looks beautiful. I think she has brown hair and she has pink shoes and I think she has a yellow crown.

4- What does your brother/sister do to annoy you?
- Well, pull my hair.

5- Where do babies come from?
Your mammy's belly.

6- How do the babies get inside tummies?
- I don't know how they get into your belly but ... Where's the baby book? (My mum bought her a french book that explains clearly yet simply what goes on during pregnancy). Once they're tiny and they get bigger. Do you know the little thing where they get food into their belly, that way. (That would be the umbilical cord, as pictured in the book, so apparently they just grow out of some kind of appendix)

7- How much pocket money do you think you should get per week?
- 5 cents. (Isn't that quite reasonable)

8- Who is the cleverest … Mummy or Daddy?
- Mummy. because you know loads and loads of sums. (Dunno where she gets that from, I HATE MATHS!!!)

9- What do you want to be when you grow up?
- a teacher

10- If you could be anyone else who would you be?
- Ciara from my class, because she's very shy and she speaks very low.

11- Who do you think is in charge of the country.
- The president of the United States. (Well, I would probably have more confidence in him than the ones we have at the moment who are more intent in getting each other to resign than actually fixing this country's problems)

12- If you had children what would their names be?
- One would be Kacey and one would be Bella

13- Who is Barack Obama?
- I think The president of the United States

14- Who's your best friend in the whole world?
- My friend Sarah.

15- How old am I?
- 30..32..30..31? (Well done, I am 31)

16- How old is Daddy?
- 20..23..26? (Emmm, even though that made him quite happy, no, he's 30 this year!)

17- What do you like most about school?
- Sometimes we get to play with activities, games and playdough.. (Do they do any learning these days??)

18 - What do you like to do outside?
- Skipping as in skipping with a skipping rope not skipping in the line.

19 - What do you like to do inside?
- Watching my mammy play on the computer, she's the best mammy ever. (Aww, but is that a sign that I spend too much time on the computer?)

20- What is your favorite toy?
- Let's see...A Hello Kitty playset.

21- What is your favorite Game?
- Pictureka

22- Do you have a favorite TV show?
- Rachael Ray. (I think my obsession with cooking is rubbing off on her!)

23- Do you have a favorite movie?
- Glee. (I pointed that this wasn't a movie but she answered:) it's like a movie

24- Do you have a favorite book?
- My favourite book is All about puppies, I read it at home. It's about a lost puppy but somebody finds her. (Emm, ok, I didn't know she had that!)

25- What is you favorite colour?
- Pink

26- What is your favorite number?
- 7 because it's my age

27- Whats your favorite food?
- Pasta with meatballs

28- Whats something that’s really good for you?
- Fruit

29- What time do you usually go to bed?
- 8pm, half past 8?

30- What time do you wake up?
- 1 o'clock (Emm, I don't think so!)

31- What do you not like to eat?
- I like to eat everything not mushrooms (and salad, and rice noodles and olives and a fair few things, but we have her thinking that you need to eat something 7 times to like it, so she obliges us and tries and eats it anyway).

32- What do you like to do with Daddy?
I like to play with him and he thinks he is the king and he is the best daddy ever.

33- What do you like to do?
- Go cheerleading

34- What do you like to do with Mammy?
- I like to be with her all the time.

35- What do you like to do with your sister?
- Make her laugh.

36- How old is your sister?
- about 6 months old (she is 9 months old so not too bad. Considering I asked my mum how old was my brother a few hours after he was born and, when she replied 3 hours, I told her I wasn't askingher for the time, I think she's doing better than I was at her age!)

37-Have you got a boyfriend?
- No (Wrong answer, she has had the same boyfriend for the past 3 years and his name is Conor, so I gently pointed that out to her). But I don't want them to know!

38- Anything else you’d like to Add?
Yes, can you ask me some more questions? pleeeease? pretty pleeease? pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!

So here you go a little insight in my 7 year old's mind. Hope you enjoyed it. Give it a try, it's really fun!



  1. What a little sweetheart. This is great fun, I might try it with my fella, he is 7 too:) Tell Marie it is lovely to meet her:) Jen.

  2. ha ha, what great answers1 i'll be he was very impressed with that age she gave him!

  3. Oh Number 8 fills me with fear. I dread the time they start asking me for help with their maths homework (it's a way off yet though)! x

  4. This is lovely so cute, keep it for later to show her x

  5. So cute - thanks for letting us meet her! I'm the same with the maths homework.

  6. Oh I love it, I've loved all these posts too. How cute that she wants to be like the shy little girl in her class....she sounds adorable. My daughter is 7 this week. Perhaps I should 'interview' her. :0)

  7. she sounds adorable, id say you both really enjoyed that xx


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