Friday, August 27, 2010

Respect on the road

As you know, we moved to the countryside recently and I have noticed that when it comes to respect on the road, the people here are so much more civilized than in the city. Whether you are walking by the side of the road, or cycling or even driving, whenever you pass somebody by on the narrow little country roads, people wave at you. My brother went for a walk with his girlfriend and Marie while on their holidays and they were really surprised when somebody driving a big huge tractor slowed down and waved at them. Somebody they didn't know and will probably never see again. People here are much more courteous and have a lot more respect for each other when driving on those small country roads than they do on big huge motorways. We often joke that, in the city, you are more likely to see somebody doing a quite rude gesture (which involves lifting a specific finger) than somebody waving at you to say hello.
 Mr Foodie, for one, is a lot less stressed out when he comes home from work than he was before. You see, he had to travel on what used to be considered the biggest car park in Ireland, ie the M50, the motorway that circles Dublin. Disrespect is rife there, people not indicating, tailgating, horn honking, you name it, it happens especially in rush hour traffic. Most days, I would be on the other end of the phone when he was driving back (he always uses a Bluetooth though) and I was getting stressed just from hearing him give out to other drivers on the road. He was getting annoyed at blatantly disrespectful drivers who were hogging the fast lane when they should be in the slow The country air has done him the world of good though and he has now turned into one of those courteous, pleasant drivers.

AXA Car Insurance has launched a campaign called AXA Respect On The Road to try and restore respect and courtesy on the British roads. Having experienced what a difference a bit of courtesy and respect make, I went to their Facebook fanpage and gave them a big like, to show my support. If you feel, like me, that we could all do with a bit more respect on our roads, why don’t you do the same?
 They have created a YouTube Channel, on which they show the CabCam, normal people talking to a cab driver about their experience on British roads, lack of courtesy, road rage etc. 

 They have also created a YouTube video, called Road Rage Kids. Everybody has witnessed road rage at least once but this video has a particular twist. It is enacted by 5 year olds replicating behaviours they have witnessed from their parents. Despite being funny, it is also a big eye opener as most of us will probably recognize themselves in it. I know Mr Foodie did. He also commented that you tend to forget who’s in the back and that he is glad now that he isn’t as bad as he used to be.

 So for now on, I respect the road . What about you?
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