Saturday, August 21, 2010

How do you do it?

Seriously, how do you it? How do you manage to blog so often?

I'd said that my blogging would be back to normal and yet I haven't posted in what? More than a week?

We have visitors, if that's any excuse (here I am making excuses again). We have had a pretty busy week. They got here on Monday evening, so of course I spent Monday on my hands and knees scrubbing the place down (well not literally on my hands and knees, the place wasn't that dirty but still scrubbing). On Tuesday, Noelie was due back at the hospital for a check up on her kidneys. That was fun! (Not). We had to be in the hospital for 8h30. Since we moved, we are about an hour away. Unfortunately, I realized after I got up that I had no car seat in my car. We have been playing switcharoo with our cars lately. Although our cars are in perfect working order, we use our FIL's one as it will not be used for a bit and also because it is a bigger, more comfortable car than ours. But we you have 3 cars and 2 car seats, well, it's bound to happen, the spare car seat was in the spare car. The one parked in the drive of Mr Foodie's parents, 20 minutes away from here. Absolutely useless there, I'll admit. So, I placed a frantic call to Mr Foodie whose boss was kind enough to let him come home to hand over the car seat. Of course, there had to be a crash on the way up to the hospital which meant that we got there about 30 minutes late. Noelie got checked out and by 10h30, she received the radioactive injection that would allow the nurses to take pictures of her kidneys. Not too bad only for the fact that Noelie was moving too much and they had to prick both arms to manage to inject the thing. Then, you get to wait 2 hours until it reaches the kidneys, so we went for a walk around the hospital and a bite to eat.
After the 2 hours were up, we went back. Noelie doesn't like nurses. I don't know what it is. She just doesn't like them. And she tried to get rid of them with a technique that had me in stitches. If a nurse was looking at her, she would scream, something between a grunt and a proper scream, a big AAAAAHHHH. If the nurse was paying too much attention like talking to her or, god forbid, touching her, then it was the scream and the tears. But as soon as the nurse turned her back, that was it. All smiles.
So after the 2 hours wait, we went back and they strapped her onto a bench with 4 or 5 Velcro straps so that she couldn't move (more tears of course) and those 2 big huge plaques took pictures of her kidneys (10 minutes for each picture). They started sideways first, and then the front which meant that the top plaque was only inches away from her face. It was quite scary. We eventually got home about 2pm. Them we went to do a bit a shopping as our fridge was devoid of any type of food, not great when you have people over that expect to be fed!

Wednesday, we went to Newgrange. Despite a couple of showers, we manage to spend the day quite dry, which has amazed our visitors as they expected rain, rain, rain and more rain, after all, they are from the South of France and Ireland is well known for its rain.

Thursday, I went to collect my pittance in the Post Office. They had finally understood my problem and I collected 5 weeks of payments that I had been missing. So, rich as I was, we went to pick Marie's uniforms for her new school as well as her books.

Yesterday, I dropped our visitors to Dublin so that they could take the tourist's bus. There is only so much touristy things you can do really. Anytime somebody comes, we have to show them around, which means that we visited Newgrange twice in 2 months, we showed people around Dublin twice in 2 months. It is getting a bit repetitive now. However, they really enjoyed it and the weather so far has been quite good.

Today, we are off to Kilmainham Gaol, and the Leprechaun Museum (mind you, they do not know what Leprechauns are). Mr Foodie's parents are minding the girls for the night so that we can go out for dinner and a couple of drinks.

They are leaving Monday and hopefully, things will finally get back to normal. Well, as normal as they can get in the Foodie Household! We have learned that our Wimax will not be in until at least the end of September, so we are looking at alternatives other than borrowing somebody's dongle for a few days at a time.

So, back to my question, how do you do it? How do you manage to blog that often? Some people seem to manage it, even when visitors are around. What is your secret recipe? Please, let me in on it, because obviously, I am not that well organized that I can slot blogging into my schedule!

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