Friday, March 19, 2010

Back into the swing of things

I have to get back into the swing of things. I have to start writing again. I thought I'd gotten my voice back, but it looks like it was only one of those last breaths moments, you know, the ones that makes everybody jump in the movies. You think he's dead, but he's not. He still has enough energy to make you jump. That's how I felt for the past weeks. I posted a couple of times, Mr Foodie helped too. And then, blank, millions of subjects swarming in my head, but no way to express them. I couldn't find the words to let them out.

Mr Foodie took some time off, not because of my blogging crisis but because we had a million things to do. We had decided to rearrange the bedrooms. We were going to move the girls into our bedroom, we were to move into what was the spare bedroom and the little bedroom that used to be Marie's would become the spare bedroom. It took about 2 weeks and 4 trips to Ikea. But we did it. We bought a great unit with buckets for the girls bedroom. It seems to have taken ages to sort through Marie's toys. We took a bin full out of rubbish (broken toys, pieces of paper, old magazines half cut up, you name it, it was there). I turned the en suite bathroom (which is now located in the girls bedroom) into a sort of storage closet. That way they cannot reach for the taps, shower etc and do not risk flooding the house. Of course, all that moving of furniture created an incredible amount of dust which I cleaned up. Mr Foodie's mum decided to stay with us as his dad had gone away for the week end. Of course, the spare bedroom was nowhere near ready. So I took another trip to Ikea, on my own and bought a sofa bed. Which I loaded into the car on my own and put together on my own. And yes, Mr Foodie, I deserve a medal.

Noelie's first tooth cut through, quickly followed by her second one the next day and she is on the verge of crawling too. Mr Foodie's dad came over to paint the spare bedroom and the hall. As you can guess, more furniture moved, hence more dust around. So a lot of my time was spent cleaning top to bottom again. Last week was just a nightmare as you probably know from my previous post. And this week, well, this week I'm drained. I'm just tired. I have a creek in the neck for the past few days. I think that all the stress from the past few weeks is catching up on me. Stress at the amount of things to do. Stress at the amount of dust around. Stress about the judge's decision. Stress about Marie's reaction. Stress at trying to make the right decisions. Stress, stress, stress..

I haven't found my blogging mojo again and I've lost my cooking mojo too. Now that has to be serious. But I'll get through this. I will find both mojos again, sometime soon. In the meantime, I have decided to try and relax, to take things easy and try to look at the bright side of life. I have bought some books and I intend to lose myself in them for a bit. A bit of escapism has never hurt anybody. And I'm going to look after myself. Because if I don't look after myself, how can I look after other people. I'll be back, sooner rather than later. Back into the swing of things!

How do you cope with stress? How do you start the engine back again when you feel like you've stalled?

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