Monday, September 20, 2010

An afternoon of country living

Before we moved to the countryside, our afternoons were never that much fun. I would collect Marie from school. Stress in the car that traffic wasn’t moving. Get home, get some lunch, do our homework and basically just get ready for the evening ahead. Nothing terribly exciting. Marie would probably play outside for a bit but I would constantly be looking out for her, making sure that she stayed in the back garden and not the front as it was too close to the main road with little boys racers flying up and down.
How things have changed! We now walk up and down to school almost everyday. I feel bad about taking the car for the half a mile journey. Marie loves it. Half way up, she usually asks me if she can run. As there are very few cars on this road, and you can hear them coming more than a mile away anyway, I let her. The other day, while sprinting up, she suddenly stopped and started waving across the road. I caught up with her and asked her who she was waving at. She was waving at cows in the field. Cows are of a very curious nature and they all came flocking over to see what that thing on two legs was doing. We stopped there for a few minutes and both Marie and Noelie were waving and talking to the cows. After we got home and all our homework etc was done, and Mr Foodie had come home from work, we all ventured out to the garden to pick up some blackberries. Noelie was sitting in her pushchair. Marie was standing beside us with a big bowl while we were trying to get to the blackberries without either falling into the thorn bush or slashing our hands to bits. Once we’d picked as many blackberries as we could reach, we went back in and washed them and eagerly ate them all. It was such a wonderful afternoon of country living and the best thing was that it was all absolutely free.
After such a nice afternoon, Mr Foodie decided to treat us to dinner and we drove to a big shopping centre about 15 minutes away. We didn’t fancy the usual fast food outlets but didn’t want to spend too much money either. We stumbled upon a Pizza Hut restaurant. They are running a special offer called Kids Eat Free.
 For every adult main course or adult lunchtime buffet purchased, an accompanying child can choose from either a FREE 2 course kids meal (includes a drink) or a FREE kids lunchtime buffet (includes pizza, pasta and salad).I had never tried Pizza Hut before and was pleasantly surprised. As well as being very affordable, the staff was very nice and helpful and the food was lovely. As it was quite late, we steered clear of the Ice Cream factory as we wanted to avoid any kind of sugar rush before bedtime, but it did look incredibly fun. What I particularly liked was the fact that the children’s menu was very varied and that it offered healthy, yet kid friendly options such as spaghetti Bolognese and even vegetarian options! We will definitely go back especially since the Kids Eat Free options has been extended until January 9th2011! Find more details about the offer at 


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